Cure Chronic Pain in 7 Days

Pain Relief Using Only Your Mind
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Are you…

  • a hard-working professional in the finance or technology fields?
  • still in pain after visits to multiple doctors?
  • knowledgeable about the mind’s strong impact on the body?
  • eager to learn how the world’s leaders achieve peak performance?


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Chronic Pain Relief



The Latest Medical Research

Learn what your local doctors don’t even know yet about the true cause of most wrist pain.

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Consult a Mindbody Coach

Your personal mindbody coach specializes in wrist pain and will guide you 1-on-1.

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Tips From People Like You

Get advice from folks who no longer have wrist pain.

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Discover Your Own Strength

Many health professionals benefit by convincing you that you are fragile. Learn your true resilience.

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Clients & Testimonials

This changed my life. I recommend it to all of my coworkers. I sure don't miss wearing wrist braces. Thank you!
Susan Borroughs
Incredible. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't tried it myself.
Gia Ingraham
Amazing! I suffered from severe wrist pain while typing. World-class doctors and expensive ergonomic products didn't help. I'm so happy that I finally learned what was REALLY causing the pain and how to stop it.
Michelle Copra
Just awesome. I have a sensitive bullshit-detector and was skeptical. But these techniques are clinically-tested and actually work! Hack your brain to cure your pain.
Justin Feinberg